Thursday, 10 July 2008


Just about to sit in on an interview for a new reporter, which reminds me of a conversation we had during a recent bout of "creative tensions" - that old chestnut about why reporters become reporters.

I once stood up in public and said whatever reporters might claim to the contrary, part of it was the glamour, and I still think that's true, to a point. But since then, I've come to think the sheer adrenaline rush of getting that story out first plays much more of a part in why I love my job.

Which is why I find it odd when reporters don't rush to embrace the internet more. Obviously nobody's the same, but my compulsion once I find out about a story is to run and tell as many people as possible, which the web is perfect for. Why wait for Friday, when you can tell thousands of people right now?

During the row I'm remembering, someone said the big incentive was seeing your name in print above a cracking exclusive, which I guess is part of the glamour I talked about. And I can still appreciate that, but the more I work online, the more I'm appreciating not just the rush, but also the conversation that comes afterwards. And to truly embrace that, you really do have to leave your ego at the door, and accept you no longer own the story. And that's where it gets really interesting.

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