Monday, 14 July 2008


So it's less than 24 hours now before the new site goes live, and I think we're going to make it. Just. I've hardly had time to think about anything, so this post won't be one of my best.

A couple of passing thoughts though. Firstly, after reading this post about people searches, from slewfootsnoop, I'm quite impressed by the amount of stuff people search engines can pick up about me online. Bit freaked out by a professional networking site which has set up my profile without my knowledge - but very amused that it has confused me with my first editor, Joe Wadsworth (then of Semiconductor Fabtech, an achingly dull b2b technology mag). For the record, I was then called Jo Bowring, so it wasn't as odd as it could have been. He's now married with two kids, selling wooden garden toys, I believe.

Secondly, Birmingham Post blogger Jo Geary's exasperation at the state of her Google reader made me laugh. It also reminded me of Paul Bradshaw's tweets about how he's using Tweetdeck to cope with the ocean of twittering coming his way. Mainly I'm just full of admiration at having so many people to follow (694 Birmingham bloggers! I can hardly find 60 in Croydon, although I'm probably not looking hard enough). But it also reinforced the notion that one role of journalists will be to filter the online information overload. And I like to think it's going to take more than new folders or Twitter applications.

Finally, big thanks should go to my long-suffering husband, who has been working much harder than me, painting windows all day, and still sorted out dinner and has only made one pointed comment about me coming home at gone 9pm and jumping straight onto the computer. Thanks Nick, I owe you one.

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