Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New site kittens

In less than half an hour, it will be exactly a week before we launch the new site, and I'm beginning to get more kittens than Wanda Gag.

There are sooo many things I would still like to do on the site - and the more I look at other sites, the more I see missed opportunities. And yet, I'm still petrified we're going to launch without even having done the things we do have properly.

That's the problem with online - it's such a limitless bucket of opportunity, where do you stop?

But, I think with a bit of tweaking how the newsroom deadlines work, we are already set up to be a fantastic online news service - in fact I'll go out on a limb and say the best weekly newspaper team's online offering I've seen in the UK (more another day on how in a year's time I want to be dropping the weekly from that sentence . . .)

And in terms of building up the community and social side of the site, most of what we can't do is down to the technology, which I think Northcliffe is pretty committed to fixing. Well, it has to be, doesn't it?

So, I'm going to go home, pour myself a big glass of wine, and try to calm down a bit. Wish me luck.

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