Monday, 18 August 2008

Unchartered territory

Two or three weeks ago, I announced my intentions of getting our users to help me draw up a Commenters' Charter. I had grand plans of inviting regular commenters to our offices and asking them what boundaries and guidelines we should set.

I said I wasn't sure whether anyone would respond, but if they didn't, I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

Well, I'm now preparing to cross it. Two or three bloggers said they would try and make it, but no commenters, so I called the meeting off.

So, our online community isn't quite as committed as I had (perhaps naively) hoped. But I'm determined not to take that the wrong way. After all, we've still only had comments now for six months, so it's not that surprising. And a few people did respond with suggestions, so all is not lost.

And after the beginnings of a useful debate kicked off on my last post, I think I am ready to get stuck in once more. Once we've got the charter in place, hopefully that will be our Magna Carta, the framework which our disparate users can engage more confidently within.

Of course, it will a lot easier to police once the technology is in place . . .

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