Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dipity and Darnation

This is a test to see whether I can get my Dipity timeline to embed in my blog, as it doesnt' seem to be working on the Croydon Advertiser website:


derek said...

Hi Jo,

I'm Derek one of the co-founders of Dipity. Sorry to hear you're having problems getting Dipity to work with your CMS. If you send us some more details about what's happening at:

We can take a look, we also provide some alternative to the public embed code for some folks who have trouble.

Let me know!

- Thanks, Derek

Jo Wadsworth said...

Hi Derek,

Wow - thanks for the feedback. But our web guys sorted it for me fairly quickly in the end. You can see here:

Apparently, I needed to put some text between the tags. It was that simple - but not something I would ever have worked out by myself . . .