Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Troll verse

I love my commenters, even the trolls. In fact, sometimes it's especially the trolls. Like this morning, when I came in to find one of my favourites (banned several times now) had re-registered just to post these two poems about me:

Wadsworth a journo so low
That she'd sunk as far as she could go
Got a job censoring Opinions........anything
What a total zero

There once was a dictator called Jo
Who thought she was in the know
She told her minions
What should be their opinions
She ended up with no friends, only foes.

I also love the people who follow me on Twitter. I tweeted the first this morning, and got these two lovely retorts back, the first from @callummay and the second from a DM:

Argus's readers so thick
That they can't even make a rhyme stick
So your website's replete
With comments to delete...

There was a young lady called Jo
A moderating so & so
She upset the ranters
Deleted the ravers
But the rest said 'thank f**k she saved us'

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