Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Bringing up baby

I'm coming to the conclusion managing a news website is like raising a child. Here's why:

1. At the beginning, it needs almost constant attention. Learning the ways of dealing with its needs is a very steep learning curve.

2. No matter how much others might coo over yours, they probably think theirs is much more beautiful and clever.

3. The first time it talks back to you is a truly special moment.

4. The first time it swears at you is a truly terrible one. But you'd better get used to it - it will happen a lot.

5. No matter how well prepared you are, you can never truly predict the disruption it will bring to your family.

6. Sibling rivalry with its older (print) brother is something you should ignore at your peril. Getting the two to play happily together takes time and patience.

7. The first time you're away, and it's left in the hands of baby-sitters, you can't help but check up on its progress. This is daft - don't.

8. You are always trying to broaden its horizons it by bringing it thought-provoking and informative material. This is good.

9. But no matter how well this works, it will often be more interested in the lighter side of life.

10. It might sometimes be led astray by mixing with the wrong crowd.

11. But when it meets and starts to play with more suitable new friends, you know it's on the right tracks.

12. Although you will never stop caring, it soon starts caring back, and helping you with your job.

That's it from me for now - anyone got any more to add?


MH Media Online said...

Hmmm.. okay, here's a few:

* They can be cheap to run at the start but as they get more popular you'll find you never stop spending..

* Not all babysitters (web hosts) are the same: some look after your baby really well, others just are only in it for the money.

* You spend endless hours making sure they get on with as many web browsers (visitors) as possible, and then some new kid on on the block always comes along and spoils things.

* If you don't look after your baby properly, some unscrupulous character will come along and steal it..

Anonymous said...
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